The differences between coincidence and destiny lie in perspective. Is all driven by chance or intention? Did we evolve from living slime or awake after being formed from dirt?  Is there a purpose to life? Would we ponder purpose if none existed?

Perhaps we are all characters in a story.

A notebook with your name on it sits on a shelf. Your appearance and personality scrawled within pages filled before time existed. You were destined to be in the most intriguing epic. We drive the plot and are driven by it. The epic takes more turns than the Transfăgărăşan as each decision affects every character and storyline. Defeats mix with victories. Each climax and resolution draw the story one page closer to the apex. The story will have the greatest happily ever after, but it will not be on the last page. It will be the only happily ever after without end.


5 responses to “Destiny

  • silvia

    Hi dearest Bryna,
    My name is Silvia and
    I’m writing from Italy, so I hope you ‘ll excuse me for my poor english. I’m very glad to have found someone like you while researching through the web. I totally agree with you and I believe that the voyage of the dawn treader is a wonderful movie! definitely worth the ridiculous price..
    Lately I have been thinking about a project concerning what I called “everyday epic..” (I found your blog while researching this..)In Lewis the heroes are everyday people (kids) as in Tolkien (hobbits) .. aren’t we all (mothers, fathers, children, grandparents) heroes… aren’t we all fighting every single “apparently” boring day? I’d like to write an essay on this…I’d like to analyse Lewis, Fante, Thorton Wilder.. Sorry for having bored you. Until soon

    • EverydayEpic


      Ah, beautiful Italy! I hope to go there one day. : ) By the way, your English is great. I wish I knew enough Italian to respond in it.

      Your project on the “everyday epic” sounds fascinating. My use of the phrase came from reading Lewis and Tolkien. There is nothing as exciting as watching ordinary people, like us, becoming part of a great epic. Another author who you might want to look at is John Eldredge. He has written several books (I’m not sure if any of them have been translated into Italian or not) about how we are part of an epic, just like Lucy or Frodo, and we are just as vital to the story. I have never looked at life the same way after reading his books.

      Good luck on your project!


      • silvia

        I am definitely blessed. Now I know. I thought to be the only one perceving life this way.. actually I thought that people could understand me, maybe also like my ideas .. but not really share the same view…
        I am very glad to have “met ” you and I’ll send you (if you are interested) the results of my research.. since I am a mother of two young children it might be a long process but I don’t have to respect a deadline so…
        Thank-you for your piece of advice, I’ll definitely look for Eldredge. Thank-you for your kind answer and for your wondeful blog.
        Until soon

      • EverydayEpic

        I would love to see your research whenever you finish it! Thanks for the offer.

        You know where to find me. : )

  • silvia

    Thank-you. You are very kind

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