Writing has always been to me what the Ring was to Gollum. It is a gift and a burden. A source of solace and exasperation. My precious.

Today, once more, I sit in the few extra minutes I have during the day and attempt to close the gap and finish one more draft. Perhaps this will be the final one. Perhaps it will reveal a devistating fault that will result in forty-two more drafts. Only time will tell.

All I know for certain is that I sit at 48,621 words. Only 1,379 short of a novel. Never have 1,379 words been so difficult to write.

My attempts for today are finished. Hopefully by the end of tomorrow, I will only need 1,026 more.


4 responses to “1,379

  • Ishana

    Why is exactly 50,000 words a novel? That’s a rather short novel…

    • EverydayEpic

      I’ve wondered that myself, but it definitely seems to be the generally accepted number as a minimum. It is on the shorter side, but to be honest, after thirteen years of playing with it and seeing now that it might finally be coming into its own, I think that’s all the further this one will go. Writing the last 833 words to get to 50,000 seems the least I can do since I’m so close. Just enough to meet my goal without–hopefully–making it sound drawn out or adding anything unnecessary. Best of luck to you on round two of working on your novel! I plan to participate in National Novel Writing Month this time around too. :)

      • Ishana

        According to Wikipedia (if you trust it), 40,000 words is the minimum for an official “novel.” Though regardless of word count, just write until the story is finished. However many words that may be. It feels a lot more natural that way.

        I actually made a little widget thing to mark my NaNoWriMo progress. I’ll post it up once it’s closer to November, feel free to copy the HTML if you happen to like it.

      • EverydayEpic

        Thanks for the info! Good to know that, if Wikipedia is right, I’ve already met my goal of a novel. :) And thanks for offering to let me use your NaNoWriMo widget. I’d love that. Something to help keep myself motivated as I strive for another 50,000 (or more, perhaps) words.

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