… which would be the current word count of my story. And I’m only half-way through the draft, meaning there could be more on the way.

While it would be terribly fun to divulge the plot and characters, they shall remain a secret for now. But no worries. The story will be revealed soon enough at a bookstore near you. Not that I have a publisher yet. An attempt at a query letter will have to wait a few months more, until my sample audience has tested the story thoroughly to ensure its quality.

What it does mean is that one month from tomorrow, I can feel free to reset the word count at zero. And start playing with a different story. Though I always thought it would be fun, I have never participated in National Novel Writing Month. This year, I have resolved to. It is good for me as a writer, especially since I’ve always worked better when there is a deadline. But that is another adventure for another day. Today, I shall relish the victory of a solid 50,000 words and hopefully a few more to come.


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