… and that is the final count. Time to let the story sit while printing a few copies and waiting for my Inklings to read it.

All right, so my Inklings aren’t like CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien’s version of the Inklings. Instead of being fellow avid writers, most are passionate readers and lovers of storytelling. In my eyes, it’s just as good as a group of writers. They have read enough good fiction–or, in some cases, seen enough good movies–to know what will transcend trends, sound consistent, and become a classic in its own right one day.

Most of the people I ask to read have already read this story before. It last made a debut back when it was just a high schooler’s story–an absolute embarrassment now. This time, it has been reworked by a more skilled writer. At least, I like to think I am now that I have a college degree focused primarily on the wielding of words. I suppose I will see if the years of work–and my husband’s plot input that goes back to when I worked on the story in high school–have brought the story to the higher notch it’s been waiting for.

Whether or not my Inklings say it makes the cut is not at the front of my mind.

Instead, I am enjoying sitting at 50,667 words and the satisfaction that comes with a “final” draft.


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