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The title has always been one of the hardest parts of the story for me. It would be number 4 only to the first sentence, the last sentence, and letting anyone read it.

NaNoWriMo–National Novel Writing Month, aka November–is swiftly approaching, meaning I will need a title for my novel. And somehow I think “The Cousin’s Reply” won’t do it. Great title for a document. Awful title for a sequel.

The only people I’ve met who seem to have no trouble coming up with clever titles are my students.  Apparently, the sixth grade mind is more capable in this area than a twenty-something.

But since my sixth graders already have enough writing assignments (and since you might not have sixth graders to help you at all), I decided to look for some websites with some help. Here are some of the more amusing/useful.

More amusing than useful:

Not that Avitanor’s Winter is any better for me. Especially since there is no Avitanor in the story. And it takes place in summer… but c’est la vie. At least it’s somewhere to start.


2 responses to “Insert Title Here

  • Ishana

    I’ve heard people say that you shouldn’t worry about a title until you’re done with the novel. I suppose that’s true, but I personally can’t stand not having a title for a WIP. I rarely resort to title generators, but sometimes they do give me an idea or two. Thanks for the links.

    I’ve also heard there’s a good chance your agent and/or editor will request you change the title you picked out. Though if you get the point of publication, the title would be the least of your worries…

    • EverydayEpic

      I like having a title too. And it takes me forever to think of one (literally 12 years for the one novel), so the sooner I start pondering, the better. Not that a title generator has ever helped me in the past. I just got a giggle out of playing with them. Eventually, a phrase or idea within the story will catch my attention and turn into a title. At least, for now.

      You’re definitely right. If an editor wants to change my title, I’d happily change it to whatever the publisher wants if that means it’s sitting on a bookshelf somewhere.

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