What’s in a Name…

Eleven days until NaNoWriMo. I can’t wait.

If you’re plotting a story to start on the first of the month, you probably are in search of character names. Which can sometimes be quite difficult.

To solve my naming quandaries when I started writing, Mom was kind enough to offer to purchase a baby name book for me. As I sat on the bookstore floor, I flipped through the pages, amazed by the lists of names. It was as enthralling as a dictionary. When I came to my senses, I flipped to the B section. And I promptly put the book back on the shelf. Any book without my name couldn’t have a large enough variety for me. After a few more books, I finally found one containing Bryna and was able to leave the bookstore satisfied.

I’m sure it looked odd: an eight-year-old carrying around a Samantha doll (yes, the American Girl kind) in one arm and a baby name book in the other. Regardless, it saw years of use as characters came to mind. M was a favorite letter for a while. Several pages from that section are now missing. I haven’t given anyone an M name for a while, just to even out the numbers.

As the Internet and my computer abilities grew, the baby name book fell by the wayside. Now, if I’m in need of a name, all I have to do is hop onto a site, type in a few search parameters–origin, meaning, gender–if I feel so inclined, and voila! The guitar-playing grandma is now Elinore.

A few of my favorites (that do contain Bryna):

Happy naming!


4 responses to “What’s in a Name…

  • Ishana

    Haha, Elinore the guitar-playing grandma. I like it!

    My favorite is http://behindthename.com/ though it unfortunately does not have Bryna. That surprises me because of the huge selection it _does_ have, especially when it comes to ancient/mythological names.

    My second favorite is Baby Names World, as you have listed. An older one I don’t use so much anymore is http://babynames.com/ which does have Bryna.

    Even with all these resources, I usually spend hours, or even days looking for a name.

    • EverydayEpic

      That’s a great site, despite its shortcoming. : ) Anything to help with the naming process is fantastic.

      Technically, I have to credit my mom for Elinore and her name. She observed the guitar-toting granny for several weeks while my younger brother was at guitar lessons. She makes naming look easy. She sits there, observes someone, and within a few minutes has the perfect name. One of the best is Melton Hatchfield. His first name cracks me up every time I think of it, but it fits his personality so well.

  • EverydayEpic

    Ooh, speaking of grilled cheese, have you ever head of Grilled Cheese Academy? They make grilled cheese gormet. The Heartland is one of my favorites. http://grilledcheeseacademy.com/

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