Week 2: 23,270

As Week 2 came to an end, I was again behind. Painting a bathroom knight’s armor gray as it continues its transformation into a Star Trek inspired bathroom takes up some time. Fortunately, though, today is day 17, and I am caught up again.

I discovered last week that I’m a pantser, and it remains true. Bandits show up out of nowhere. Characters do unexpected things. They begin expressing feelings I never knew they had. All I know is that I have a few particular points along my way that I must hit. At the beginning of the week, the plot seemed to be progressing too quickly. Now, everything appears to be moving at just the right speed. This novel can basically be broken into two different parts within the overall conflict. The first part is now complete. The second part is only just beginning. As of today, I have 21,557 words left to allow the story arch to reach the climax and come to a calm conclusion. If it reaches over 50,000 words, I will be proud. But as long as I have the required 50,000 words at the end of the month, I will be content.

Though I would like to continue to share my progress, writing is not my only occupation–which is obvious as I continually fall behind the writing goal. And this is all the time I have if I intend on writing more words today.


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