Mission Complete

And so it ends. After a couple of years of pondering the story and knowing that I had something but it just wasn’t right, I have written the sequel to my first novel.

Not that reaching the word count means it’s complete. Hardly. During this last week, my husband read over the first novel. Fortunately, I was too busy with NaNoWriMo to pay too much attention to him reading–though it was impossible to ignore the click of the keys as he made comments. I have yet to read them. Amid the grammatical problems and less than perfect word choice, he discovered a small but serious plot hole. And that plot hole deeply affects the story I just finished writing. It is not detrimental to either story, but important nonetheless. So it means there is more work to be done. But that’s okay with me. I’m nearly done with the first one–at least, as done as I can be before it finds a publisher who loves it–and have a solid idea of where the second one will go. I also have some ideas for a third story that takes place not long after the first two. We will see where that ends up.

But for the moment, I will revel in my accomplishment. I have completed the challenge and silenced my inner critic for the first time. The latter in itself is a huge accomplishment, as most writers know.

Best of luck to those of you still working on your novels, and congratulations to those who have already finished!

Next week, we will return to our regularly scheduled program.


2 responses to “Mission Complete

  • Ishana

    Congratulations! It’s good you’ve found that plot hole now and not much later down the line. You’re right about word count not meaning something is finished. The story is the most important part, word count comes second.

    Happy writing ~

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