A Tale of Two Novels

The week has started like Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities. My high note: my student who was inspired to start a novel during NaNoWriMo is still writing! Every Tuesday, she spends the time before class telling her friend about the latest additions to the plot. I love overhearing them.

My low note: there is trouble in the paradise of my own novel. The climax is pathetically anticlimactic, leaving me the task of ripping it apart and infusing it with more excitement before I super glue it all back together. Fortunately the well-spring of ideas–also known as my husband–is already churning. Hopefully, that will mean some fresh perspective (perhaps as soon as this evening!) to get me back on track. So much for having it printed and ready for reviewers at the beginning of January. At least it won’t be embarrassingly flat when I do finally pass it along…


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