One Year Later…

… and this blog hasn’t self-destructed yet. Amazing. A blog written by a girl who never thought she would have a blog has survived its first year.

Things I’ve learned about blogs over the past year:

1. It’s not just for angst-ridden teens to spew out every detail of their lives or computer experts to share their vast computer knowledge. Normal people interested in normal things have blogs too.

2. It’s not difficult to find things to say. Usually.

3. It’s a great way to force me to write. Especially on days when my current projects are making me bang my head against the wall. (Why is editing so tiresome?)

4. It’s a great form of procrastination. (I’ll do the dishes AFTER I finish this post….)

5. It’s a way to communicate with wonderful people I would otherwise never meet and to stay in touch with people I love who live far away.

Today is also May the 4th be with you–Intergalactic Star Wars Day! So, enjoy rambling random movie lines at your coworkers, your family, strangers you pass on the street, and any other scruffy looking nerf-herders you see.


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