Happy Mother’s Day!

All of us have so many women in our lives who have loved and influenced us–both related by blood and not. Today, we get to celebrate all of them! I’m blessed enough to still have a great-grandma (90 years old, and still going strong), both my grandmothers, both of my husband’s grandmothers, my mom-in-law (who’s been part of my life since I was five and is so wonderful), my mom, and several other women who are as good as blood-related. : )

But, since only one of them endured the 18 hours of labor followed by an emergency C-section that resulted in my successful entry into the world, I’m going to focus on her.

Some things I love about my mom:

  • She is the most intelligent person I know (just a point or two under a genius, in fact).
  • She let me decide who I wanted to be and celebrated my uniqueness (and quirkiness).
  • She is the epitome of brains and beauty.
  • She taught me pretty much everything I know. Literally. (I was homeschooled, after all.)
  • She is one of my dearest friends.
  • She has the best witty and sarcastic sense of humor.
  • She likes everything from 80’s punk to Celtic music.
  • She taught me to write well.
  • She is willing to do what needs done, no matter what it is. (My college tuition was mostly paid by scholarships, but she worked extra to pay for the rest.)
  • She is creative and relishes thinking outside of the box.
  • She makes great food and taught me to do the same.
  • She always reminded me that I could be anything I want to be. And she still believes it.
  • She made my parties the best. A Bag End cake with a Ring baked inside. A Beauty and the Beast party friends still remember twenty years later. And you should have seen the cake she made and the decorations we created for my wedding.
  • She loves me.

This is only a taste of how wonderful she is. I hope when I’m a mom, my kids will admire me as much as I admire her.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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