If Ever I Go Back to School….

… and I must admit, I never thought I would. Since my intent has been to teach middle schoolers (and eventually my own children) and write novels, my bachelorette has been just right for my needs.

But, if I ever do go back, I found my dream degree: a Master’s in English with a focus on Tolkien Studies from the Mythgard Institute.

Call me nerdy, but I think I already qualify.

  • I have my bachelor’s in English.
  • I like Tolkien. A lot.
  • I’ve read the Silmarillion (and can spell it properly without assistance).
  • I beat everyone in Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit (besides my mom, but she’s a Tolkien fan too) and add answers from the book as well when applicable.
  • I know Luthien and Beren are Arwen’s great-great-grandparents but they are Aragorn’s great-great-great-great……great-great-great-grandparents.
  • I can speak a little bit of Sindarin Elvish.
  • I had a LOTR birthday party and my amazing mom made a cake that looked like Bag End. (It even had a Ring hidden inside! Picture of it below.)
  • I made a banner like the one in Arwen’s room in The Two Towers. (Picture of it below too.)
  • Even my wedding had a touch of Middle-earth in its feel. I’m sure my Elvish-inspired circlet helped. (Picture of it below too.)
  • I painted my old bedroom door like the Door of Durin but wrote my own message on it. (I’ll take a picture asap and add it. It’s still at my parents’ house.)

Bag End Birthday Cake

Elvish Banner

Now all I need is the extra time and money to do it…. : )


8 responses to “If Ever I Go Back to School….

  • silvia

    YOU’RE great! I showed Giulia (my daughter) the first movie of the trilogy and she was so happy.She is more a Lewis fan but still she was amazed by Arwen. I have a question for you… might sound weird.. but do you know or like Flannery O’Connor? Have a great summer!

    • Bryna

      Good to hear from you, Silvia! I always liked Arwen as well. : ) Yes, I do know of Flannery O’Connor. Her works–particularly “A Good Man Is Hard to Find”–are often covered in school literature books either in high school or college.

  • A Wannabe Writer

    Wow, this is pretty cool! The courses currently on offer seem a bit too Tolkien-centric for my taste, but if they truly expand their courses to the areas of medieval, renaissance, classical or fantasy literature in general as they mentioned on the website, that would be sweet. Not that I would actually decide to go back to school, but it does look like fun. I probably wouldn’t have a specific focus area then, but I would just select my courses as my mood takes me :)

    Oh, and I love the pics! The circlet for your wedding looks great!

    • Bryna

      It appears that you can also audit classes for $150 each if something in particular ever strikes your fancy. I never thought I would be interested in going to school again, but something this fun (and absolutely geeky) is almost as irresistable as a siren’s call.

      Glad you enjoyed the pictures. I love that circlet. :)

  • C.B. Wentworth

    Wow! You are geektastically awesome. :-)

    If you’re going to go for a Maser’s degree it might as well be for something you love. That way your passion defines your learning (as it should be) rather than a bottom line. Not to mention, you’d probably have a lot of fun despite the work load of a master’s program.

    • Bryna

      I would have so much fun and drive everyone else–including my poor husband–absolutely crazy. :) If I ever do this, it would definitely be for pleasure and not the bottom line. And I’m with you: that’s exactly the way I’d want it to be. :)

  • Ishana

    That degree sounds amazing, it’s like majoring in Jedi Arts (a legit focus of study in some places). The circlet is absolutely gorgeous as well.

    The kink is the cost of schooling. With something so expensive, you really have to debate how practical it is. Shame, too. A degree in Tolkien studies would be awesome!

    • Bryna

      Studying Jedi Arts–literally being able to lift objects and use a light saber–would be the ultimate in higher education (and self-defence education!). If you ever find it, sign me up! : )

      The cost always is the kink. From the little bit of research I’ve done, though, and it appears that the price of a M.A. from the Mythgard Institute is approximately forty percent the price of an M.A. in English at the state university I graduated from with my B.A. (Mythgard is a little over $5,000 as opposed to a little over $12,000.) Not too horrible, all things considered.

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