Another Day, Another Novel

It’s really been ten days since my last post? I guess it’s time to redouble my efforts to blog at least once a week. Especially since school starts Monday.  

While my husband reads over my novel for the 873rd time (if that is an exaggeration, it’s only a slight one), I have turned my imagination to the next project. Not every novel deserves a sequel, but mine has one.

It was born while I was in high school–the last time I shared the first novel with others. The first is essentially a letter from the narrator to a relative who lives on the other side of my imaginary world. When pondering what to write next, I wondered what was happening with the relative she was writing to. Next thing I knew, I had whirlwind adventure number two on my hands.

This second novel had one draft and was quickly set on the shelf because reading a novel a week and writing countless essays in college kept me busy.

Last National Novel Writing Month, I pulled it off the shelf and played with it in the revamped world that  the first novel now exists in. And now that (hopefully!) the first novel will be circulating through my trusted reviewers within a month or so, I figure it’s time to take this second project and begin giving it the TLC it’s never had.

Will the excitement of giving shape to the story I had pansted through be enough to keep me writing daily once the school year starts? I don’t know, but it certainly is my goal.

Here’s hoping the lessons I learned from the first one will help me find the right stride for the second sooner rather than in fourteen years…


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