When Imagination Meets Reality

Have you ever wondered what would happen if something that you were writing was real? Perhaps a character in your story turned out to be a very real person, and you were influencing that character’s life? Or that a place you thought you had imagined turned out to be real?

I certainly have. Especially after watching Stranger Than Fiction.

However, the worlds of my imagination and reality had never met before. That is, until last week.

My husband was finishing a level with a video game and my muse had already retired for the evening, so I decided to browse StumbleUpon. Amongst the pictures of mysterious locales, I came across a blog of pictures that seemed oddly familiar. It isn’t that I recognized the pictures exactly, but they reminded me of something I knew well.

Then my sleepy mind realized what it was. The princess of my first novel lives in an unusual kingdom. Her people live amid the mountains. They aren’t like dwarves, confined below ground in their search for jewels, but they do use caves and underground passages to navigate the otherwise treacherous terrain to their homes that peek out of the natural rock fortress.

And before me, on the glowing screen, were Greek monasteries reminiscent of the kingdom I know so well. One in particular was oddly like the castle I imagined.

I still can’t help but laugh at the pictures. Maybe I saw them before and have long since forgotten about them. Maybe I truly did imagine it on my own. Either way, I suppose Solomon was right when he said that “There’s nothing new under the sun.”


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