Out of Curiosity…

The comments from last week’s post have incited my curiosity. As I mentioned, I am making my first attempt at writing from a guy’s perspective–his first person perspective. (And so far, it looks like my research has given me a good enough foundation that I have somewhere to begin. I’m only 1,668 words into it, though, so I’m not about to get cocky.)

While this isn’t my first male protagonist, I do tend to favor female protagonists/narrators on the whole–especially when writing in first person.

Why? Probably because it’s comfortable. I know what women–or at least, I–think and feel and do. It’s easier to enter that frame of mind, especially if she is the one telling the story.

What about you? What gender are your protagonists generally? Any thoughts on why you might lean that way?


6 responses to “Out of Curiosity…

  • C.B. Wentworth

    I tend to write more male than female characters and I’m not really sure why! The only thing I can figure is I’m just curious about the male mind as it is so different from my own. :-)

  • Lissa Clouser

    I definitely write more male than female. The two short stories I have out for review right now are both from a male’s perspective, as is the children’s book I’ll be querying soon, as is last year’s Nano novel! I have no idea why, but that’s how stories usually come to me.

    This year I’m doing a mix of character specific third person. Kind of weird, I know. I’m going with third person, but each chapter highlights what’s going on with a specific character. And all I know is that I get to the female parts and freeze up. I’m a girl and I have no idea how to write girls. Go figure! lol

    • Bryna

      Intriguing! That’s too funny!
      I love the idea of working with a mix of characters in third person. It sounds like a great challenge and a wonderful way to explore all of their personalities and perspectives. Can’t wait to hear how that goes!

  • Anthony Lee Collins

    Well, when I say I usually have a female protagonist, I should make it clear that it’s the same one (not a different one for each story and novel). But she’s not the narrator. I follow the Holmes/Watson model, where the stories are narrated by the detective’s assistant (who is male).

    Why her? I have no idea. I’ve been writing about her, in one form or another, for over 40 years (my two oldest characters are both female, but I no longer remember their genesis — so I have no clue where they came from).

    But I don’t much think in terms of “protagonist” anyway. In detective stories, is the detective the “protagonist?” Well, yes and no (usually). My stories are never really “one person’s journey.” I didn’t plan this, but it is how it’s turned out.

    I wrote about this question here, when I realized that a lot of people had protagonists and I didn’t seem to: http://u-town.com/collins/?p=2094 (and I do remember your posts where you were working to figure out who your protagonist was, which was an interesting question).

    • Bryna

      That’s a great post! I see what you mean about how difficult it is defining the protagonist of a detective story. It’s a little more complex than an easy black or white answer.

      I find it interesting that your narrators tend to be male even though the protagonist is female. Sounds like my first novel–the one that made me question who the protagonist was for a while. It’s an interesting but fun angle to write from.

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