Happy (Belated) Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day seems to be something a little bit different to everyone. For me, it’s always being about loving on those around me: my parents, brother, grandparents (especially my recently widowed grandmother), close friends, and my husband.

Almost everyone on the list is easy. Chocolate, flowers, some other treat, cards, and most of them are happy as can be. The only exception is my husband. Don’t get the wrong idea. He loves chocolate. He just never has much at a time… which means that there’s still lots of candy in the freezer from St. Nicholas Day (December 6th). I think he just finished the last of his Easter candy not too long ago.

So, this year, I took some inspiration from my younger brother. A few months ago, he posted this on my Facebook wall with the simple caption: “Thinking of my brother-in-law.”

So, feeling inspired (despite the glaring grammatical error), I decided to do something fun. After all, love (romantic love,eros, that is) isn’t just about fireworks and candlelit dinners and bouquets of roses. It’s allowed to be playful and quirky.

A trip to Target and two Nerf guns later (one stealth rifle and one revolver), Valentine’s Day was ready! He came home to this:

He loved it more than any chocolate I could have found. Here’s to thinking out of the box and ideas from little brothers.

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day with the people who love you too!


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