The Magic of Tea

Firstly, I’ve been tagged by C.B. Wentworth! I don’t quite have time to complete the challenge today, but I will do it within the next week. : )

As I’ve mentioned before, imaginations require fuel.
My foolproof fuel: coffee or tea.

At ten, my favorite was Luzianne iced tea. Pair that with a bowl of pretzels and writing would surely follow. Usually for hours at a time.

In high school, it was Twinnings English Breakfast. I couldn’t get enough. I did, however, get rid of the pretzels. The extra calories were not my friend.

At twenty-one, English Breakfast’s popularity waned only to be replaced by Twinnings Darjeeling. And sometimes coffee with lots of French vanilla creamer. I was still new to coffee at the time, so the more creamer, the better. But only occasionally.

This month, though, my tastes have changed. I always thought Twinnings was wonderful, but then I went to a tea room with my grandparents and mom for Valentine’s Day and met my new love, Taylors of Harrogate Afternoon Darjeeling. If you ever liked Darjeeling, you haven’t tried it until you’ve tried this brand.

Fortunately, the box my Pap bought me has fifty wonderful tea bags. The bad news: they don’t sell it at the local grocery store. Guess that means I’ll have to order more on Amazon or endure driving an hour and a half north to the tea room whenever I need a new box.

What refreshments fuel your imagination?


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