Perigee Moon

Last week, I scheduled a post and boarded a ship. Amid enjoying time with family, I allowed my imagination to freely drift, absorbing and playing under the Caribbean sun. Perfect timing, considering my second novel has a brief forray at sea. (Though a cruise ship is hardly like a 1700’s style vessel, some experiences are applicable.)

While noting the rock the waves and surprisingly chilly wind in the evenings, we were treated to a sight I have never witnessed.

The moon–a perigee moon–and its ruddy reflection reflecting over the open seas. Long after the rest of the family lost interest, I continued to snap pictures as the moon transformed from a crimson oval deformed by the atmosphere to this gamboge sphere with a reflection I have only see accompany the sun.

Needless to say, I have a feeling that this will manage to creep its way into one of my protagonist’s windy nights at sea as she embarks on adventure that takes her by as much surprise as this unexpected moon took me.


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