5 Ways to Ruin the Opening Scene

Perfecting one story for years hones skills and cultivates patience. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t make starting a new story from scratch any easier.

Crafting the first scene, introducing characters, adjusting the pacing, adding the conflict… Bringing it all together it sometimes overwhelming. And, when I get overwhelmed or stuck, there is only one viable solution: stimulate the imagination by getting silly. It (eventually) works every time and at least keeps me laughing enough to maintain sanity until I get somewhere.

Today’s troublesome bit:
The twelfth attempt to start the sequel to the first novel.

The solution:
The top 5 movie (and tv) inspired opening scenes that just won’t work:

5. Nero shows up and decimates the protagonist and her home out of vengeance while he waits for Spock to arrive. Oops. The end.

4. She is going about her day when she hears voice narrating everything she does. Then the other voice says, “Little did she know that this simple seemingly innocuous act would result in her imminent death.”

3. An islandy mystic tells her to save the prince (who was eaten by the kraken in the first novel) by sailing to the end of the world.

2. She acquires a moody R2 droid and a chatty golden robot before discovering that the asthmatic antagonist is really her dad. Nooooo!

1. She is free climbing on a cliff. She inches higher and higher. Then, on a ledge, is a man at a desk who tells the audience, “And now for something completely different.”

And on that bombshell, I guess it’s time to figure out the real beginning… again…


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