Patience is a virtue, they say. In that case, that virtue must practically seep out of my pores. Everything seems to require waiting–sometimes an inordinate amount of it that never seems to end. While the list of things that I’m still waiting for seems to usually maintain its length, one thing is being checked off of the list. Finally.

Ten years ago, my church bought property to build a new, sorely needed building. After countless setbacks, the addition of two Sunday morning services to accommodate the crowds, and wondering if that plot of land would ever have more than just a sign announcing that we would be “coming soon,” the day has finally come. Tonight is the last service in the old building.

The odd thing about waiting is that I hardly know what to do now that the waiting finally at an end. I’m thrilled for what Sunday will bring as we finally explore the corridors and rooms that we’ve waited for, prayed for, and invested in (never mind the excitement of moving from two services from four!). I’m excited about the new ways that we can reach out to the community now that we have more space. I’m especially looking forward to the new children’s wing (since that’s where my heart and most of my time at church lies). But it’s hard to believe that the anticipation will be over in only a few days.

As irritating as waiting can be, there’s also an appeal in the anticipation that comes with it. Perhaps it’s because the anticipation is rooted in hope. And clinging to hope, no matter how far-fetched it might be, feeds the determination that makes waiting worthwhile.


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