Quit Piddling

The past month has been perhaps the busiest that I’ve had in quite a while. School is back in full gear and apparently I’m the most technically savvy teacher which means that I now am the “liaison” for our Moodle website (which we use for turning in papers, quizzes, and, in cases like mine, even at home instruction via videos). Who ever would have guessed that an English major who isn’t afraid to tinker could help explain and work out issues on a website?

Anyways, thanks to some glitches that inevitably come with the beginning of the year, I haven’t had much time to work on my current writing projects (besides my blog, of course). Sure, I’ve thought about my first novel, which is currently laying dormant while I make some decisions and muster the chutzpah to make some (hopefully) final edits. And I’ve thought about the short story that I hope will spring me into a published writing career. But I haven’t done much work on either project in the last month. Especially the second because it requires so much effort considering its nature, which requires close attention to historical accuracy.

Then, while just scrolling through Pinterest (to which I have become rather addicted during my free time lately), I came across this:

A little reminder of one of the things that I really want out of life. A chance to refocus, especially now that the hubbub of the first weeks of school is dying away. It can be so easy to lose focus when other parts of our lives demand so much of us. I suppose the most important thing, though, is to be able to return our attention to what matters most before we allow ourselves to stray too far.


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