Happy Hobbit Weekend!

The Hobbit has finally arrived in theaters!

While I was amid the hordes of Tolkien fans pilling into the theaters at midnight, that doesn’t mean that I’m any less excited. I just like my sleep, especially when I have to teach the next morning and already have a family outing planned for that evening.

So far, my book-loving friends are giving rave reviews, which makes waiting until the weekend to see the movie even more torturous. All I have to tide me over until we trade the tickets we bought three weeks ago in for a chance to enjoy the first adventure into Middle-earth (and on the year of its 75th anniversary, too) is The Lord of the Rings soundtracks, Neil Finn’s “Song of the Lonely Mountain,” and my nails.

As before mentioned, I’m a second generation Tolkien fan. My mom fell in love with Middle-earth when she was in high school. So, in honor of The Hobbit, she and I decided to do something we’ve never tried before: nail art. Sure, we both use nail polish, but it’s usually pretty basic colors (though I love to throw in a dark purple sometimes) and certainly no designs. We may be creative, but we’re definitely not artists!

But we decided to go crazy this time. She found gold nail polish and a black Sally Hansen nail art pen, and we had at it. Here’s what we ended up with:



Elvish nails

My nails are on the left and hers on the right.

After much deliberation, she chose “Middle-earth,” so I scrawled it on her nails with my best Elvish flair. Then, since it’s Elvish letters and all, I had her write “Cormacolindor,” which means “Ring bearer” in Elvish. (Seems appropriate since Bilbo is the first ring bearer.)

Let’s just say that it will go perfectly with my tree of Gondor shirt and her shirt that has Thorin’s map on it.

Want a quick intro to writing Elvish letters? Check out this link! And happy Hobbit weekend!


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