Surviving 12/21/2012

Tomorrow is the supposed end of the world. None of the end-of-the-world predictions in the past have come to fruition, but I suppose we’ll see who has the last laugh tomorrow. (I’m sure you can guess where my bets lie.)

In the meantime, a few things to ponder…

It could be the end if you look at society. Its slow decline seems to be speeding up. Politicians are more interested in themselves than reason, most of the countries of the world are in debt up to their ears, Snuggies and Crocs are widely accepted, and girls wear leggings as pants. These truly are terrifying times!

NASA seems quite convinced that nothing major is going to happen. (Want proof? Read this FAQ.) Goodness, we won’t even have that monumental, unusual galactic alignment that all of those Nostradamus and apocalyptic shows on The History Channel claimed we would. (By the way, remind me again why The History Channel has more shows about theoretical apocalypses and UFO’s and reality shows than shows about the “barbarians,” ancient Egypt, the Revolutionary War, and other actual historical events.)

Hurricane Cookies 001You could do what my family does when hurricanes approach: make cookies! Our signature cookie for times of trouble: hurricane cookies. The recipe was born as an unexpected hurricane barreled towards our house years ago, and they’ve been a favorite ever since. Just take your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe and add white chocolate chips and diced maraschino cherries. (Important hint for the cherries: rinse them thoroughly then dry them with paper towels before dicing them and mixing them in with the dough. Otherwise, the cookies are very prone to burning. If you make them, tell me how you like them!)

In Back to the Future Part II, Marty McFly does travel to 2015…

If nothing does happen tomorrow, there’s always the option that we could all make up incredulous stories of survival to tell the next generation. Of course, now that this is posted on the Internet, everyone will see this, so I suppose that won’t work after all…

Speaking of that last idea, if you could make up a story about surviving December 21, 2012 to tell your children and grandchildren, what imaginary war story would you share?


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