Of Imaginations and Lobsters…

Life is always an adventure. And sometimes, when your imagination never seems to take a break even when you’re in your decidedly an adult, it’s more of an adventure.

Recently, my mom and I went to the mall together. This particular mall is in an… well, interesting part of town. Between the odd people who seem to congregate there to the international tourists, you never really know what you’ll see.

This part of town, especially the airport back when you could pick people up at the gate, has always been filled with great fodder for stories. My younger brother’s and my favorite: the “lobster people.” So many people would be so sunburned that they literally were the bright red of a cooked lobster. We secretly suspected that they were hiding claws somewhere in their Hawaiian shirts and plans to take over the world in their overstuffed suitcases. Needless to say, that inspired a story or two when I was first practicing my writing.

Anyways, in this part of town where you can always find “lobster people,” we saw something utterly unexpected.

WP_000219Yes, a lobster car. I have to admit, at first, I thought it was just my overactive imagination. Then, when I realized that my mom saw it too, I had to take a picture because it was too ridiculous.

Besides, who knows? Maybe those “lobster people” really are trying to take over the world…


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