Getting Crafty: A New Way to Think of Posters

My recent itch to do something crafty has resulted in a project I just have to share.

For Christmas, my sister’s boyfriend gave me a set of three posters — Gandalf, Thorin Oakenshield, and the infamous Gollum — that he was given for watching The Hobbit in IMAX 3D on opening night. (Yes, I would have liked to join him, but, let’s be honest. My students wouldn’t appreciate a sleepy teacher, and I don’t think I could have forgiven myself for the dizziness that accompanies 3D moves, especially at 3am.)

So, since my library has turned into my nerdy room, of course the trio had to end up there.

The only problem: poster frames are expensive! To buy three of the appropriate size would have cost between $15 and $25 each. Which meant that it was time to get creative.

Our solution: buy one frame to house all three. With a coupon and a sale, we found one frame for $25.

Since the frame was way too big, we had to find something for the back. Of course, matting was out. Besides special orders, I don’t think they sell matting as large as we needed. Instead, we found a great piece of fabric on clearance that looked like leather. (It in no way feels like leather.) A yard of it, which was more than enough, was $3.


Being a melancholy with a better sense of proportions than me, my husband arranged the posters in this pattern. Since the frame was ever so slightly too small for the three to sit across without touching, they overlap ever so slightly. Once we had them positioned just right, we added some tape to the back to keep them in place lest putting the frame together caused one to move, leaving us to measure it all out again.

Next, I cut the piece of faux leather (on the right side of the picture), using the back of the frame as a guide.

After we put the posters and faux leather in place, we put the back of the frame on and hung it up. And, just like that, the library has a new decoration that’s unique and cost way less than originally anticipated.


(I love the window across from the library cabinet, but I hate the glare that ends up in pictures, like this…)



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