Writer’s Obsession: Sharpie Pens

Like most writers, I never go anywhere without something to write in and something to write with. The something to write in has always been some small notebook that can easily be tucked into my purse. After all, you never know when inspiration might strike. The thing to write with, however, has changed over the years.

At first, it was mechanical pencils. My dad and granddad used to use them at work, and the day that my dad gave me one was the day I understood why it was their writing utensil of choice. All of the forgiveness of a pencil with the convenience of a pen. And who didn’t like that little “click” and the ability to slide the extra lead back in?

Of all of the mechanical pencils, eventually one took the ultimate spot. It was pink with a black handle and clip. Because writing had become my new obsession, I decided to name it and dream up stories for it. While the spelling of its name (Pensyl? Pencyl?) has long left my memory, it has left a lasting impression. It and its best friend, Erasir (yes, seriously) — which was a special rubber eraser into which I had etched a space shuttle design — were the dynamic duo that followed me everywhere for years.

Like all things, though, Pensyl (or was it Pencyl? I know there was a “y”…) and its beloved friend Erasir eventually succumbed to time, meaning that it was time to choose a new writing utensil of choice. This took a while, though, since another mechanical pencil could never fill the hole in my heart and most pens just didn’t cut it.

That is, until my mom introduced me to the Sharpie pen. All of the grace of a calligraphy pen teamed with the convenience of a normal pen (and it doesn’t normally smudge either). It’s the perfect combination for me. And they come in the best colors, like clover and coral.

My newest batch of Sharpie pens: black, turquoise, clover, coral, and pink



Whenever you do write by hand, what’s your utensil of choice?


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