You Know You’re a Writer When… You Have Mental Conversations with Your Breakfast

But it’s hard not to have a mental conversation with your breakfast when it looks like this.

The Banana

I wonder what this little guy and his fifteen friends strewn over my pancake have seen through their travels. Where did they come from? How far did they travel? Are they comfortable on their pancake bed with blueberry pillows, covered in a light sheet of maple?

More than that, though, I wonder about that expression. Those keen, beady eyes and that slightly parted mouth. Is that a hint of a smirk? Fear at wondering if he will be eaten next? Amusement at the fact that I used to hate bananas and have recently been reconciled? (But that’s a different story, filled with betrayal and redemption.)

Now I look for faces every time I slice a banana. My husband laughs, but I’m sure that it’s because he secretly thinks I’m a little crazy. That’s not to say, though, that he didn’t see the face too and find it amusing as well.


What sort of odd things do you notice in unexpected places?


3 responses to “You Know You’re a Writer When… You Have Mental Conversations with Your Breakfast

  • Lissa Clouser

    The strangest things get my brain ticking sometimes. A friend was discussing just a few days ago that she had 5 parsnips and only needed 4 for her soup recipe, so what would she do with the other parsnip? Make him a lone ranger? Toss him in with his brothers? Make him watch as she chopped the others up? Oh goodness… the conversations we had. I love being a creative. I don’t understand how ‘normal’ people get through their days without the little joys of thoughts like these!

    • Bryna

      I don’t know how “normal” people make it through life without this sort of fun either! What fate did that poor lone parsnip find? Did he watch his brothers parish and vow to avenge them during the next meal? : )

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