It’s Almost That Time Again

As mentioned in my last post, autumn is by far my favorite time of the year. One reason that I forgot to mention: my imagination begins itching afresh with new ideas. I have two theories as to why this might be:

1. My imagination is like one of Pavlov’s dogs.

Instead of salivating at the sound of a bell, though, my imagination wakes up in the autumn because of three consecutive years of participation in National Novel Writing Month. The first time I did it, it was one of my crazy impulses inspired by an aunt who’s familiar with my lifelong love of writing. The next year, a student found out that I was doing it and joined me in the adventure. Then that student and others learned about it, and I’ve had no choice but to participate since. Especially this year. After all, that’s what that creative writing class I’m teaching is all about.

Now, that slightest hint of autumn — even if it’s only the return of pumpkin spice everything — is the trigger. And the bell has officially rung (even though it was in the 90’s today and the sky was void of that deep azure that autumn brings).

2. I’m easily influenced.

During this part of the school year, we’re on the verge of beginning the creative writing unit in my middle school English classes. Last week, I pulled the last few pictures of interest out of my Better Homes and Gardens, Victoria, and Lucky magazines. I search for any with the potential of sparking a story, whether it’s a swan standing in a bathroom in a Target add or a desperate cat searching for a litter box that’s impossible to find thanks to the freshening affects of Fresh Step litter or a bride late to her own wedding due to a Milky Way bar who’s now faced with a chapel of glaring guests.

A humorous tale comes to mind with each picture, and it only becomes more hilarious when my 7th graders share the stories that they see in their pictures of choice. It makes me want nothing more than to spend the whole next day doing nothing but writing.

Or perhaps it’s both. Either way, I’ve finally started truly working on this year’s NaNoWriMo project. (Say hello to a much better version of novel #3 of the series I’m working on.) I couldn’t be more excited to begin.

Speaking of which, I suppose I have an assignment to complete for my creative writing class before tomorrow. After all, what’s the fun in teaching students to write a novel without enjoying every step of the adventure with them?

What refreshes your passion for writing?


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