Writer’s Obsession: Challenges

Even though I’m not a particularly competitive person, there’s nothing quite like a challenge. Right now, I’m in preparation for two.

The first: National Novel Writing Month, the annual call for writers to pen 50,000 words during the month of November. This will be my fourth round and the first time with twelve brave students who willingly enrolled in the course (plus the one who’s done it with me from the beginning). Every year, part of me considers not doing it, but every year, it’s impossible to resist when students are anxious to take up the challenge with me.

The second: something I never thought that I would do. My mom turns 50 this year. So after some peer pressure from some friends and family at a 4th of July party, she decided that she wanted to do a half-marathon.

The truth: neither of us have ever been runners. But something wild and impetuous overtook her that afternoon, and she somehow managed to talk me into joining her. So, now we both are training for our first half-marathon. Fortunately, a couple of years of intentionally working out (first to lose some weight then to become stronger and healthier) means that I’m not starting at zero. Otherwise, I don’t think that I would survive the trek in February.

Do you enjoy a challenge? Have you recently undertaken one or plan to conquer one soon?


5 responses to “Writer’s Obsession: Challenges

  • C.B. Wentworth

    I started running a few years ago and it did wonders for my writing life. There’s a lot of time to think when running four miles. :-)

    Good luck on your challenges!

    • Bryna

      That’s awesome! It’s not as bad as I thought it would be when we started this adventure.

      And there definitely is plenty of time! Now if only I could find a way to telepathically write down the things that I think while running. : )

  • Rebekah Loper

    Yay for NaNo!

    I love running when I get in the habit of it. It’s getting in the habit of it that I have a problem with. I need to start running again, though. Been having some blood pressure problems, blah.

    • SB (Bryna) Roberts

      I understand that. Normally, I’m great with something for a few days or so, then I start falling off the wagon. It helps to have a (daunting) goal to work towards. : ) Sorry about the blood pressure problems! Does running help it or make it worse?

      • Rebekah Loper

        I’m hoping it will help, because I’m pretty much at the high end of prehypertension right now, but I haven’t been working out at all lately. Getting the readings at the dr’s office was a shock this summer, because I’ve always had low blood pressure before. But regular exercise of any sort usually lowers blood pressure over the long run, so we’re starting with that!

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