The Name’s Roberts. SB Roberts

A confession: I’ve thought about this for a year but never felt sure. There are some decisions in life that can never be taken back, and this is one of them. But over the past week, I’ve decided that it’s finally time. After all, I can’t keep my name in the shadows forever.

I’ve always loved the name Bryna. (How can you not love a Welsh name that, according to one name book I had long ago, means “from the fairy palace”?) But, let’s be honest, that name can’t stand alone on book covers, so it shouldn’t stand alone on my blog either anymore.

And thus, here it is. My name. SB Roberts.

Obviously, the B stands for Bryna. And needless to say, it’s my favorite part of my name, so please feel free to continue to use it.

And now with that out of the way, back to our regular blogging schedule…


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