(Quite Belated) NaNoWriMo Update 1

And my great streak of blogging twice a week ends. Here’s to a fresh start at it. : )

The good news today is that I am still at my word count goal, so there will be no embarrassing dares to endure from my creative writing students. I can just hear their disappointment now.

In other news, in spite of my attempts at planning out a novel a bit more than I have in the past, my characters have managed to grab the plot and run off with it. Ah, the problems of being a pantser.

It all started yesterday. I had been stuck. The last thing that I wanted was for the two major locations in the characters’ travels to look too similar. I asked my husband for inspiration, and his response was “pirates.” Needless to say, those scallywags made for an exciting twist.

But the most exciting twist was yet to come. A new supporting character (who, I might add, barged into the story and made herself quite comfortable in the middle of the plot without warning me ahead of time) appeared with her baggage in tow. And she must have had an influence on the protagonist and other supporting character (an old knight) because before I knew what happened, the knight was captured by pirates.

I rolled my eyes. Seriously? I could just envision the pickle that they were about to get me into. And during NaNoWriMo, too, when time was so precious.

“Fine,” I told them. “If you want this mess, you find a way out.”

And they did in about fifteen minutes. They burned the pirate’s headquarters down.

I already like these characters better than a certain prince who will remain nameless after leaving me in a three-month quandary about how to rescue him and whether it would be worthwhile to just kill him.

Have your characters done anything unexpected lately?


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