Stop. Hobbit Time!

Yes, it’s cheesy. No, I couldn’t resist.

So, our exploration of The Hobbit has officially begun in my 8th grade class. And what better way to kick off the book than to wear something apropos for the occasion?

A checked shirt, comfy heels, and a vest-turned-waistcoat

A checked shirt, comfy heels, a vest-turned-waistcoat, and my leather-bound edition of The Hobbit

But one of the best parts of the outfit is hard to see:

Hobbit door necklace!

Hobbit door necklace!

My mom found it on Etsy, so needless to say we match. (She has the same checked shirt, too. We try not to wear them on the same day…)

I also have felt quite Hobbittish this week after spending some time in my garden.

Tuesday's harvest

Tuesday’s harvest

I have to admit, I’ve spent weeks watching my green bean plants, worrying if the bees that seem to love the rosemary and tomatoes were even visiting them. Then on Tuesday, I looked more closely and was shocked to find green beans hanging everywhere! Who knew that they blended into the plant so easily? They are also a little fuzzy on the outside. I’m not sure if it’s just the kind I have, but it takes a little getting used to.

Are you growing anything this season?


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