Hello, 2014!

Happy New Year!

Well, it’s that time of year again. Time to seriously consider the next 364 days and what I hope to accomplish with them.

I got out of the habit last year. My goals for 2012 had been lofty: finishing novels and a short story, finding publishing opportunities, etc. After failing to truly accomplish any of them, I backed away and didn’t make any formal goals last year. It’s time to change that, though.

So, here’s what I hope to accomplish (writing-wise) in 2014. (Peer pressure appreciated. : ) )

1. Seriously work on publishing my first novel.

I received some much-needed motivation for it this time last year. Apparently, Amazon holds an annual writing contest (though I haven’t heard any rumors of another round this year yet). Last January, I worked furiously on a pitch and gave the novel a once-over before trying my luck.

To my delight, my pitch brought me through the first round. (Honestly, that was all I wanted. To know that my idea at least had some draw.) While I didn’t progress any further, the experience provided some motivation for some needed adjustments.

Even better, months after making some improvements, I still like what I did and there isn’t much that I would change. That’s a first. We’ll see if my vow not to make any further adjustments unless a publisher/agent tells me otherwise continues to hold.

2. Research publishing options for my short story and just go for it.

After about four years of research and working on the draft, it seems to be ready. My beta audience approved, and it seems as historically accurate as I could possibly make it. I promise to post updates.

3. Work on Novel #2.

Now that the first one is set in stone, it’s sequel needs some attention. Last year’s attempts were no better than the ones of the prior year, but now I can pour all of the attention that novel #1 used to receive into it.

4. Blog regularly. No, really.

2013 was better in this regard but still not as great as I want it to be. If I can manage half-marathon training, I can do this.

5. Encourage others.

Have you set goals for 2014?


6 responses to “Hello, 2014!

  • BrantleyNewton

    Those are all super attainable goals and I hope you CRUSH them this year. As a runner/writer myself (my second marathon is the weekend after next), I can say that you are spot on in your confidence. It’s unbelievable how similar running is to working on a long term project like a novel or blog.

    • SB (Bryna) Roberts

      Thanks for stopping by, Brantley! : ) And thanks for the encouragement! Long-term writing projects really are like running. It’s all perseverance and not being afraid to take a risk. Best of luck on your marathon and in your New Year writing ventures!

  • C.B. Wentworth

    Great list of goals! Good luck as you push forward – you sound so determined this year and that is fantastic! :-)

    I just check amazon and there is a thread posted in the forums for the 2014 Breakout Novel Awards. Everyone is waiting for the announcement of this year’s competition and so am I! Let’s do it together!

    • SB (Bryna) Roberts

      Thanks! And thanks again for inspiring me with setting goals and making them public a few years ago! : )

      When the Breakout Novel Awards come up again, I’d love to do it together! Keep me updated if you see anything, and I’ll let you know if I do. ; )

  • Anthony Lee Collins

    “Work on Novel #2.”

    I’ve seen a lot of writer/bloggers who say that one of their biggest mistakes was finishing novel #1 and then focusing exclusively on selling it without starting to write #2 at the same time.

    “Blog regularly. No, really.”

    Cool. :-)

    • SB (Bryna) Roberts

      I could definitely see that being a problem. After how long it took me to write Novel #1 (about 15 years), I knew I’d need to start playing with Novel #2 as soon as the idea came to mind. Fortunately, that was back in high school, so there are a few complete drafts of Novel #2. Hopefully now that the first has hit its stride (in my opinion), the second will follow more easily. Hopefully. : )

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