Dr. Who Is Messing With Me…

Over the past month or so, we’ve finally joined the Dr. Who bandwagon. It’s hard not to when my mom, one of my best friends, and countless other people that we know are all into it.

So far, we enjoy it. My husband (the avid Trekkie) sometimes has qualms with space-time’s influence on the plot (which I understand), but we like its quirky British humor, the stories, and the characters. And we’ve decided that the campiness is to its advantage because sometimes otherwise the stories would be downright too creepy.

However, since our foray into Dr. Who began, my dreams have turned from rather negligible to situations that make me wonder if I’m up to unusual exploits when I’m “sleeping.”

It began with a jewelry store in a shopping mall. It was being held up and there were hostages. After calming a frightened child and hiding him away in one of the abandoned stores, I ended up in the jewelry store trying to save the hostages. From aliens. What the aliens wanted, I don’t recall, but I eventually talked them out of whatever it was that they were doing and we all escaped.

One night, there were wasps that disguised themselves as hairs and attached themselves to people. You knew it was a wasp because of the little wings. The only way to remove them was to pluck them like an unkempt eyebrow. And it hurt.

Last night, it was a ski resort with a jump that, once passed, led into a very barren, snowless, rocky obstacle course. And there was something about pizza. Very dangerous pizza that should not be eaten under any circumstances. Especially that piece that supposedly had avocado on it.

Have you watched any Dr. Who? Have you had any strange dreams lately? Does Dr. Who seemingly give you strange dreams too?

After publishing this, I realized that it’s my 200th post. Well then.


9 responses to “Dr. Who Is Messing With Me…

  • Rebekah Loper

    I’ve only watched several episodes of Dr. Who (starting with Nine), and it gave me bizarre enough dreams that it seriously disturbed my sleep. So I figured that watching Dr. Who was not going to be something I could enjoy.

    However, I also manage to have bizarre dreams on my own, just not every night like I was with Dr. Who, lol.

    Most recently, I dreamed that giant wasps were popping out of people’s chests like the aliens in Alien (which I’ve never seen, but pretty much everyone knows that ‘iconic’ scene, right?). The next morning, my husband got a kick out of informing me that the aliens popping out of people’s chests were called ‘bugs’. I just groaned.

    I never want to dream about giant wasps again, though. No matter what the reason.

    And congrats on your 200th post!

    • SB (Bryna) Roberts

      That’s where we started too, and we’re partway through the second season (with 10) right now. With crazy dreams every night, I can certainly understand why you stopped! : )

      What is it with parasitic wasps? Hopefully neither of us will see any in our dreams tonight!

  • Anthony Lee Collins

    200 posts! Congratulations!

    I have friends who are long-time Dr. Who fanatics (one even got to write for one of the Dr. Who audio dramas that Big Finish puts out), but that’s not my obsession (though I saw and enjoyed quite a few episodes back in the Tom Baker days).

    My obsession is Dark Shadows, which I used to watch every day after school. One time, decades later, I happened to see an episode, and a character unveiled a disembodied head in a glass box, and I immediately said, “the head of Judah Zachary!” It’s alarming how much DS info is probably filed away in my brain. I have at least one character who is definitely based on a witch from the show (Angelique).

  • C.B. Wentworth

    I’ve watched an episode here and there, but I haven’t become obsessed yet. It was fun and I loved the humor, but I’ve already got too many favorite shows as it is! :-)

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