The Great February Update

As 2014 dawned, I decided that this is a year for taking risks. Life has felt static for too long, and it’s time to go somewhere. Some things have already been accomplished (like completing the half-marathon) while others are still completely up in the air, but it feels like a better year so far than last year on many different levels. It feels good to do something.

To keep myself accountable and since most of the other bloggers I follow do so, I’m here for my first update. So, here we go.

1. Seriously work on publishing my first novel.

The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award is open, and my pet project has officially been submitted. Since this is my first major goal for this publishing venture, we’re off to a great start. (Wish C.B. Wentworth and me luck!)

2. Research publishing options for my short story and just go for it.

So far so good! I entered it into a contest in January. While it wasn’t selected, that’s okay. It  just means time for more research into different outlets. It will all work out in the right time.

3. Work on Novel #2.

It’s been slow going, but the protagonist is coming to life in a way she never did before. She is developing her own distinctive voice (which is different from the narrator of the first novel’s) and the plot is moving along well in the first 7,140 words.

4. Blog regularly. (No, really.)

While I would like to work towards the habit of writing on this blog twice a week at least, I have at least posted about once a week in February, for a total of six posts. Not a bad place to start.

Have you created goals for yourself this year? If so, how are they going?


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