The Lighthouse Blog Award

C.B. Wentworth’s blog posts always brighten my day as she explores storytelling, crafting, and the world (literally). If you’ve never visited her, what are you waiting for?

Congratulations, Wentworth, on receiving this blog award, and many thanks for nominating me!


The Rules:

  • Display the Award Certificate on your blog.
  • Write a post and link back to the blogger that nominated you.
  • Share three ways that you like to help others.
  • Nominate as many bloggers as you like.
  • Inform your nominees of their award nominations.
  • Have fun!

– – –

Three ways I help others:

1. As a teacher, my job is dedicated to helping others, specifically middle schoolers as they learn the art of writing and the beauty of literature. But it’s more than building reading and writing skills, teaching analysis, and cultivating imaginations. It’s an opportunity to build relationships. Yes, I want those students to leave my class with a refined set of skills, but I also want them to leave knowing that they are loved.

2. Since I love working with kids, I work with the 3rd-5th graders in children’s church. While it looks like all fun and games, it’s also a chance to reach out to kids who are hurting and give them a foundation to build their lives on. As C.S. Lewis would say, “Since it is so likely that children will meet cruel enemies, let them at least have heard of brave knights and heroic courage.”

3. So many people we pass on the street need something to brighten their day, so I always keep a smile handy. It’s amazing how just smiling at someone can change their mood. Sometimes it leads to long (mostly one-sided) conversations in random public places (like the fish counter at the grocery store), but sometimes people just need someone that they can talk to, and I like to listen.



A Quid for the Quill

Fiction and Creations from Forgotten Worlds


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