Happy Tolkien Reading Day!

If you’ve been around this blog for any length of times, odds are you’ve figured out that I’m a Tolkien fan.

As a child, The Hobbit captured my imagination (even though it started with the animated version from the 70’s… Orlando Bloom doesn’t remotely resemble that Elvenking!). As a teenager, The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion changed the way that I thought about writing. (Yes, I will admit that I once tried my hand at designing my own language and even considered a minor in linguistics, thanks to him.) As an adult, his works have remained a touchstone, a reminder of the way I want to tell stories, favorites to slip back to whenever I’m between new books.

So needless to say, March 25th is always a greatly anticipated day since it’s Tolkien Reading Day!

Reading my oldest copy of Return of the King

Reading my oldest copy of Return of the King

It’s the perfect time to join countless other booklovers in an annual tradition begun by The Tolkien Society.

Observances here vary from year to year. Once I decided to read The Hobbit in one day for the occasion, which I did just narrowly. This year, it’s Spring Break, so I’ve enjoyed sitting back and watching the film versions of the books. The dwarves are having an unexpected party at Bag End as I write.

One thing that I always do, though, is read a bit of Return of the King, specifically Book VI, the last part of chapter 3 and the beginning of chapter 4. After all, it’s the reason that this date was chosen above all others. It’s the anniversary of the Fall of Sauron.

One of the best parts : )

One of the best parts : )

And now the Dark Lord lives as a bobblehead in my car. How the mighty have fallen…

Do you celebrate Tolkien Reading Day or any other booklover holidays?


5 responses to “Happy Tolkien Reading Day!

  • homedreamer07

    Ah, thanks for the reminder! I think tonight involves reading some Tolkein with a cup of tea. “And now the dark lord lives in a bobble head in my car. How the mighty have fallen…” Lol! You’re awesome:)

  • Anthony Lee Collins

    Oddly enough, I have that same edition of The Return of the King (bought it when it came out — when I was in junior high pretty much everybody had a set). No idea what happened to the rest (I have later editions of the other books).

    I don’t really celebrate the day (I never know it _is_ the day until I read it here :-) ), but maybe I’ll read some tomorrow. I owe Tolkien a lot, though I don’t write fantasy.

    • SB (Bryna) Roberts

      Next year, I’m going to have to actually post it a few days early.

      That’s too funny! I’m the second owner of this set. It originally belonged to a man who works at a nearby historical park. During high school, I volunteered there every week and at special events, so I worked with him quite a bit. Since the films came out during those years, I’m sure Tolkien came up in conversation, and since he was doing some downsizing at the time, he gave the set to me. : )

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