Some days, ideas just don’t flow. This is one of those days. No amount of brainstorming or walking among the tomato blooms after work brings any inspiration.

In some ways, it’s a frustrating way to start the A-Z Challenge. In another, though, it’s a bit apropos. After all, this is just another part of the writing process. Writer’s block. That awful realization that everything has ground to a halt.

But it’s something that can be beaten. Just little determination, a little humor about what won’t work, and eventually something happens. Even if it’s writing about feeling blank.

One of my favorite techniques to kick writer’s block is coming up with humorous (and outrageous) ways of fixing the problem. My favorite: the day that Iron Man and a group of ninjas almost saved a protagonist who’d been captured by an enemy army. A medieval enemy army.

How do you kick writer’s block?


5 responses to “Blank

  • Anthony Lee Collins

    I think “writers block” is an umbrella term for a few different things. I was stuck for a couple of years on a specific plot point once — then, in a very specific moment that I still remember, I figured it out. And that thing that I figured out was a key building block for everything I’ve written in the decade-plus since.

    I don’t have a magic solution — I just keep pushing forward, realizing that sometimes I’m not going to get anywhere.

    Oh, and I like the “humorous and outrageous” approach. I think sometimes we get too tied into how stories are “supposed” to go.

  • C.B. Wentworth

    I decided a long time ago that writer’s block isn’t allowed to exist in my head. When I can’t figure out a story or the write word for a poem, I open up a new Word document and just start typing whatever comes to mind. Most of the time its nonsense, but the act of writing somehow loosens up the words. :-)

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