Earlier today, I had decided to write about the beautiful thick clouds outside, hence the word “nimbus.” Not that they’re an uncommon occurrence. In fact, a warm day without them is an oddity. But it’s a fun word to say that starts with the letter “n” and it’s a little unexpected.

However, when I went outside for a picture, I found something even more unexpected overhead.

A sun halo!

A sun halo, also known as a nimbus

All my life, I’ve admired pictures of uncommon meteorological occurrences, and now I’ve officially been witness to one.

Known by countless names including sun halo and nimbus, this phenomena happens thanks to ice crystals in the atmosphere. Apparently, our recent (and likely last) cold front made for just the right conditions. Talk about a pleasant surprise!

Have you ever seen a nimbus (sun halo, sun dog, etc.)? Have you ever witnessed any other unusual weather phenomena?


One response to “Nimbus

  • Rebekah Loper

    Such a pretty picture!

    As for uncommon weather phenomena… well, I live in Oklahoma. We have such bizarre weather it’s pretty much normal around here. From Saturday to Monday, for example, we had a 60-degree drop in temperature and went from almost-uncomfortably-warm to snow showers.

    Fortunately, none of the snow stuck.

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