Ubique (Faint Part II)

After spending two weeks wondering where the mysterious musings of Faint would go next, here’s the continuation…

“Hello?” she called again.

She half expected that faint movement to appear again somewhere to her left — it was always to her left — in response, but there was nothing.

Instead of settling back into the chair with her book and pretending that nothing had happened, she began pacing, watching carefully for that movement, that unmistakable shifting in the shadows. As she paced, she wondered what to do next. Should she tell someone? Who could she tell? Her dad was a psychologist. He might think that she’d lost it. She always was known for having an overactive imagination. Her mom would just worry. Her younger brother and sister would make fun of her before telling her dad. And her friends? They had always known her as a dreamer. They probably would think it was some sort of joke.

No, she would keep it to herself. For now. But that didn’t mean that she should be alone.

Slipping on the nearest sandals and grabbing her bag, she left the apartment. Though it was mid-afternoon, the sun was still bright and there weren’t many shadows outside. And here in the heart of the small town, there were plenty of people bustling around. If this was just her imagination, maybe this was just what she needed. Other people. Something to distract her.

At the side of the lake, she sat on the grass and took a deep breath of the fresh air. Nearby, children played under the careful watch of their mothers, a dog barked anxiously as his owner held a tennis ball overhead, ducks swam along the bank.

Yes, this was just what she needed.

But then, she saw it. That faint movement on her left side. She jumped, turned, and nearly screamed. But it was just a squirrel bounding for the nearest tree. This was ridiculous. Maybe she was just paranoid. She closed her eyes, breathed, and opened them calmly.

But then she saw it again. And this time, it was no squirrel.




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