Y (If I Had to Choose, It Would Be My Favorite)

Children seem to be obsessed with having a favorite of everything. Whenever I’m becoming acquainted with a child (or even a middle schooler, who’s somewhere between teen and child), one of the first personal questions I’m asked is what my favorite color is. (By the way, today it’s blue.)

While my answer to that question probably usually seems noncommittal, I had my own quirky favorites as a kid. I had a favorite space shuttle, Endeavour. A favorite moon, Io. (Between the volcanoes and cool name, what’s not to like?) And, of course, a favorite letter, y.

Why y? Because I thought it was one of the most impressive letters in existence.

It can be either a consonant or a vowel, and I was always proud that it plays the role of a vowel in the middle of my name.

It is one of the things that, I felt, made my name distinctly Welsh. A nod to the coal miners and Celtic tribesmen I’m descended from… even though it does mean that it’s often mispronounced. (Bryna is said with a short “i.”)

And, perhaps rather typically, it’s an unexpected choice. As the unsung hero of the English language, it deserved some love.

Did you have any odd favorites as a child? Do you still have any odd favorites now?


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