An hour and a half ago, I logged in to start another week of blogging. (That A-Z Challenge has done a world of good for my blogging regularity. I feel bad when I’m not on at least every other day.)

Writing requires just the right environment. Thanks to NaNoWriMo and other writing challenges, it just takes a drink (today, water), instrumental music, a blinking cursor, and perhaps a snack (like pretzels or a piece of chocolate) to set my imagination in a rhythm for writing. All I needed was an idea, but that would come once the blank post was waiting for a title.

Then the phone rang. A dear friend who lives literally on the other side of the country. We couldn’t be much further apart in the continental US. But the miles and the four years haven’t been able to pry us apart.

Whenever we get on the phone, our conversation is like a deluge. I ask her about college, she asks me about old friends, and we both laugh about our common, nerdy interests. For a moment, it’s like sitting across the table from her the last time she came down to visit. So much to talk about.

Time vanishes. Before I know it, it’s been an hour. I really need to write, but not as much as I need to talk to her. After all, it’s been too long since our last conversation. She’s young. She looks up to me. And I treasure our friendship as much as she does.

When it’s finally time to go, goodbyes are said three or four times before the phones are hung up. Reluctantly.

It might be a couple of weeks before we end up talking again, thanks to our busy schedules, but when we do, it’ll be another deluge that leaves me feeling warm, happy, loved.



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