You Know You’re a Writer When…

… you get a burn while cooking grits and then spend the next week and a half documenting the burn’s healing progress.

The burn as of earlier this week.

The burn as of earlier this week.

For those interested, the mild blistering started the day after the incident and stayed around for four days. Once the blister healed, the rest of it improved quickly. At this point, the new skin is just a bit lighter and pinker than the rest of my hand.

An important tidbit when cooking grits in a pot: Turn them down after they start to thicken, or bubbling pockets of them will burst out of the pot and could land on the back of your hand.

The good news: They’re still a delightful side — especially with a little cheddar mixed in — even if they have left you wounded.

What’s the oddest thing that you’ve observed or documented for the sake of writing?



9 responses to “You Know You’re a Writer When…

  • sjoycarlson

    I recently got into a little bit of a motorbike accident and got my first facial bruising. Will be harnessing the progression of that for my writing lol.

  • Rebekah Loper

    Honestly, and I felt so guilty for it at the time, I found myself mentally noting the different stages of grief when I lost Tabby. Because grief is a major plot point in Catalyst, and it was rather convenient to be able to look at myself and go “Okay… nausea is a definite symptom of grief. So are moments of giddiness. And crying at the drop of a hat.”

    • S.B. Roberts

      :( That sort of thing does feel wrong when we do it. (I have to admit that I did that to some degree a few years ago, when my grandfather had a stroke and passed about a week later. I concur on the nausea.) But it makes the grief feel more authentic. Whether we mean to or not, it seems like we always build what we write off of our own experiences.

  • C.B. Wentworth

    :-( That looks so painful! Hope it feels better soon!

    Just recently I wrote about my aversion to chocolate covered fruit. That was pretty ridiculous, but my writing group seem to find if funny. :-)

    • S.B. Roberts

      Thanks! It’s so much better now. :)

      That’s too funny! An understandable aversion, though. I’m a bit picky about it too since the sweetness/bitterness combination is so precarious.

  • sdbullard

    Thoughts as I read through this:

    1) Yay! I love that others do “You Know You’re a Writer When…” posts!
    2) Potatoes in soup will do the same thing when warmed in a mug in the microwave (be careful inserting metal spins)
    3) I love grits with cheese.
    4) I once spent I don’t know how long sniffing my dad’s cologne trying to figure out the proper words to describe it.

    • S.B. Roberts

      Ha, ha! Yes, I have these moments in real life often, so it only seems natural to write about them. : )

      I’ll be wary of the potato soup, too! I’ve never had it happen yet, and I’m not hoping to any time soon! lol

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