The Perfect Plant Name (for a Tolkien-Loving Nerd)

As I have mentioned before, I’m a second generation Tolkien fan. When I’m with my mother — the instigator of my interest — we truly are a dangerous pair. We have Hobbit door necklaces and Smaug t-shirts that accompanied the last movie’s release. We’ve written Elvish (yes, real words in Elvish) on our nails. Our most recent acquisition is a bit of an unusual one: a plant.

We happened to be in a home improvement store a few weeks ago. Just a stop on a quick mother-daughter shopping trip. As we strolled through the houseplants, we happened across one that caught our eye.

My newest houseplant

My newest houseplant

Its shape is unlike anything else we’ve seen before, which was fascinating in itself. But then we read its name.

This adorable succulent’s name is Gollum.

Needless to say, we snagged one. How could we possibly resist a plant with that name?

Since there were obviously two plants in the one pot, she took one and I took the other. And the irony of two in the same pot was not lost on us. (After all, the original Gollum had two personalities…)

We keep them in our kitchens, where we can keep a close eye on them and where they are far from any rings. After all, who knows what kind of havoc Gollum could begin?

Do you keep any houseplants? Have you found anything with a hilarious name lately?


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