The Silmarillion Recap: Everybody Hates Celegorm and Curufin

What a week! All of my writing time has been sucked up by playing car mechanic’s assistant to my husband. (Here’s hoping our precious 20-year-old Corolla doesn’t finally bite the dust.) I plan to catch up on the blogs I normally read this weekend, but I couldn’t wait any longer to slip in this week’s Silmarillion Recap. So, without further ado…

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Last week, Luthien and Huan (the hound from Valinor) saved Beren from Sauron himself. This week, the unexpected consequences for Celegorm and Curufin.

Quenta Silmarillion: Chapter 19 part 4

Now that Beren has been rescued from Sauron’s tower, he and Luthien are thrilled to be reunited. And, seemingly, they forget all about Thingol’s quest to take one of the Silmarils from Morgoth’s crown for Luthien’s hand in marriage for the time being. They are just happy to be back together.

While Huan (that great hound from Valinor) would surely have preferred to stay with Luthien and Beren, he is still faithful to his master, Celegorm, and decides it’s time to return home to Nargothrond. When he does return, though, he’s not as fond of his master as he once was. How could he be after seeing how cruelly Celegorm and his brother, Curufin, treated Luthien, kidnapping her and locking her up?

Not long afterwards, things begin to change in Nargothrond. When Finrod first left to help Beren, Celegorm and Curufin were the favorites, and everyone in the realm listened to them over their own king, Finrod. (After all, they are the sons of the famous — or should it be infamous? — Fëanor.) Now, though, Elves who have long been Sauron’s prisoners are free once more since Sauron gave it up to free himself. With these former prisoners come stories of Luthien and how she bravely faced Sauron. Something that Fëanor’s sons weren’t brave enough to do.

Needless to say, that not only ruins Curufin and Celegorm’s reputation, but it also turns everyone against them. So, with those sneaky smirks, they decide to leave Nargothrond to spend some time with their brother, Maedhros. They don’t need those people in Nargothrond anyways. And, since he’s a faithful hound, Huan follows Celegorm.

On their way, they come across the last two people they expected to find: Luthien and Beren. Finally, a chance for revenge.

Curufin grabs Luthien while Celegorm attacks Beren. But nothing can stop Luthien and Beren from protecting each other, so Beren overpowers Celegorm and then hops onto Curufin’s moving horse. While the moment feels like it’s brushed over, it obviously is quite the impressive jump because it becomes known as the famous Leap of Beren, and it’s never been matched.

While Beren is strangling Curufin, Celegorm tries to help his brother, but Huan — his own hound — has turned against him and won’t let him anywhere near Curufin, Beren, or Luthien.

Finally, Luthien tells Beren to stop. Curufin isn’t worth killing. Instead, they strip him of his gear and his horse and let Curufin and Celegorm continue on their way.

Before leaving, though, Celegorm pulls out his bow and looses two arrows at Luthien. The first, Huan catches in his mouth. The second hits Beren as he protects Luthien. Then Curufin and Celegorm head off, leaving the badly wounded Beren with Luthien and Huan.

Fortunately, Luthien is an Elf and is skilled in healing, so Beren ends up being just fine. As he recovers, he remembers his quest, and he decides it’s time to finish it. He and Luthien had been talking about it just before Celegorm and Curufin showed up, and Luthien had insisted on going with him, but he doesn’t want her to. She’s already risked her life for him. He doesn’t want that to happen again. So he slips away in the middle of the night, leaving Luthien with Huan.

Beren knows that he’ll probably die, but at least Luthien will be safe.

Next week, it’s do or die time in Morgoth’s stronghold.


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