Fun with Shakespeare (and His Insults)

At Christmas, it’s not uncommon for me to end up with a new stack of books. This year was no different. But one of them has proven to be an absolute blast. How could a book of Shakespearean insults not be?

The first few pages look normal. For the rest of the book, pages are broken into three sections of mix and match alphabetized adjectives and nouns from the great playwright himself. And, on the back of each is a quick definition for each word, making it easy to figure out how to use “apish” in everyday conversation.

You really never know what peculiar insult you might end up with.

Part of me really wants to bring this to class. (Though I would have to keep control of the book since some of them aren’t quite appropriate for that audience.) But bringing a book of any kind of insults would be tempting fate with middle schoolers. So, its usage remains at home with friends and family who can thoroughly appreciate the clever quips.


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