Superbowl Survival: Arm Knitting

Happy Groundhog’s Day! Since there are six more weeks of winter coming, this post seems quite apropos.

I’m not much of a sports fan, and I come by it honestly. My mom grew up in a football town and never really cared for it. And my dad, who used to like football, changed his tune after his team lost a Superbowl. For that reason, I didn’t really grow up around sports. However, my husband’s family is quite the opposite, which means that we usually end up watching the Superbowl at their house.

While I usually bring a book or chat with another family member who’s not particularly interested in the game (like my husband’s sister or grandmother) between the commercials, this year my husband’s grandmother introduced me to a new craft: arm knitting.

For those familiar with regular knitting, it follows the same idea (though is more unforgiving if you need to get up while in the middle of a row). Since my husband’s grandmother is a serious crafter, she has countless skeins of yarn hanging around, so I’m not sure of the brand or other specifics of the yarn I have. All I know is it was thick and makes for a great, chunky scarf.

Nice thick yarn is perfect for a cozy scarf, and I love the color!

Nice thick yarn is perfect for a cozy scarf, and I love the color!

My Marsala arm-knitted scarf!

My Marsala arm-knitted scarf! (And yes, that is Arwen’s pin from The Two Towers.)

What you need:

2 arms
1 skein of thick yarn

For my scarf, I did twelve stitches across and made it long enough to wrap around my neck twice. It took about an hour to learn how to arm knit and make the scarf itself.

Since the stitches are very loose, I bound them closer together by creating a small, finger-knitted cuff (on the opposite side of the pin in the picture). (Finger knitting uses the same idea as arm knitting but instead is done on the index fingers. I did five stitches across to create the cuff.) Then I used spare yarn to “stitch” the layers together through the cuff to keep everything arranged the way I want it.

Ready for a quick tutorial on arm knitting? Here’s the tutorial we used.

Did you watch the Superbowl? Do you like crafting? If you give arm knitting a try, let me know how it goes!


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