The Silmarillion Recap: Huor and Tuor (or More Sons with Rhyming Names)

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Last week, we reached the end of an era. Hurin, Thingol, Melian, Dior, Beren, and Luthien have all officially exited the story. But now it’s time for a step backwards, for in the meantime, there’s been another set of events transpiring.

Since it’s been a long time since Huor (Hurin’s brother) has been mentioned, today’s recap covers him and introduces his son, Tuor.

Quenta Silmarillion Chapter 23 part 1 

(Want to read the full story behind the first three paragraphs? Click here.)

When Hurin and Huor first enter the Quenta Silmarillion, they are just teenagers. Huor is only 13, and since times are tough, they fight with their people against Morogth’s marauding Orcs. One day, the two brothers are separated from the rest of their band, and Ulmo (one of the Valar) himself works with Thorondor (King of the Eagles) to save them and send them to Gondolin (the secret Elvish kingdom).

Turgon, King of Gondolin, welcomes the boys, and they become very close. Not everyone likes it (namely Maeglin, the king’s nephew, who will reenter the story next week), but Turgon doesn’t care.

Eventually, Hurin and Huor decide they want to return to their families to help fight, so Turgon sends them away with one rule: they aren’t allowed to tell anyone where they’ve been. It’s a promise that they gladly keep, even though their people are utterly confused about what happened to them.

It might not be Thorondor, but he is a king of the eagles, right? :)

It might not be Thorondor, but he is a king of the eagles, right? :)

(Want to read the full story behind the next 2 paragraphs? Click here.)

In the years that follow, Hurin and Huor only grow in fame. They fight many battles, though none are as notable as their last: the Battle of Unnumbered Tears. During the war, they join back up with Turgon, and when it’s obvious that Morgoth has won and the only course of action is retreat, the brothers hold a bridge and allow Turgon and his remaining army to escape.

As they protect the bridge, the men fighting alongside Hurin and Huor fall one by one. Even Huor is taken down with a venomed arrow to the eye. And, in the end, only Hurin is left standing, swinging his sword and shouting, “Day shall come again!” (233)

Now, in chapter 23, we return to a moment not long after the Battle of Unnumbered Tears. Huor was married to Rian, and she was pregnant when the battle happened. In the winter, she had a son and named him Tuor.

These were very dangerous times considering that this major war had just been lost and the Orcs and Easterlings had a new grip on the area that they had never enjoyed before. So, Rian allowed one of the Grey-Elves named Annael to foster Tuor and take care of him.

Nothing too notable happens as they hide in the caves of Androth. That is, for sixteen years. Then the Elves decide that it’s time to move south to the Havens of Sirion. It sounds like a great idea, but unfortunately they are attacked by Orcs and Easterlings on the way. Most are either captured or killed.

Tuor is among the captured. He is taken as a slave by Lorgan, the leader of the Easterlings in Hithlum. After three years, though, Tuor manages to escape and returns to the now abandoned caves of Androth, where he unleashes frequent assaults on Easterlings and Orcs alike. It drives all of them, especially Lorgan, who wants Tuor dead or alive.

Next week, Tuor meets one of his father’s old friends… or frienemies.


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