The Silmarillion Recap: Welcome to Valinor

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Last week, Eärendil and Elwing (seemingly) lost everything but each other. This week, they arrive at their destination: Valinor.

Quenta Silmarillion Chapter 24 part 3

As previously mentioned, Eärendil was born with a special love for the sea. And after his parents (Tuor and Idril) sailed off into the sunset (literally), he aspired towards one goal: to reach Valinor. He wanted to do it for two reasons: first to find his parents, but secondly to ask for help for Middle-earth. Over the years, he has seen his share of tragedy, and he knows that the Valar doesn’t have much to do with the happenings in Middle-earth (aside from Ulmo). He wants that to change.

With the light of Elwing’s Silmaril, he arrives on the shores of Valinor — a place where few from Middle-earth have come besides the Elves who came at the beginning of the “Quenta Silmarillion.” More than that, though, none of them have ever been mortal, like Eärendil. He might have an Elvish mother, but his father is a mortal Man.

What Eärendil hopes to do seems to border on insanity. To plead with the Valar, the creators of this world, for the sake of Elves and Men? Who does that? It’s bold, especially coming from a mortal like him. But it’s too late to turn back, so he decides that it’s time to carry out his plan.

Leaving his ship, small crew (Falathar, Erellont, and Aerandir), and wife (Elwing) behind, he steps foot on the sacred shores of Valinor. When the others want to come, he insists that they must stay. If anyone is going to feel the Valar’s anger for such an intrusion, it’s going to be him and him alone. After all, he is here to do this “for the sake of the Two Kindreds [Elves and Men]” (298).

Next week, Eärendil follows in Morgoth’s footsteps (though probably not the ones you’re expecting).


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