The Silmarillion Recap: The War of Wrath Part II (To War!)

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Last week, the Valar prepared for war against Morgoth. This week, they launch their assault.

Quenta Silmarillion Chapter 24 part 7

As the Valar’s army passes over the Sea, it seems like an ordinary day in Middle-earth. Morgoth is focused on himself, not taking much notice of what’s happening outside and completely clueless about what’s happening to the West.

But then, with one trumpet blast, everything changes. Eönwë (Manwë’s herald) gives the signal to start the Valar’s march to Angband (Morgoth’s fortress), and thus begins the infamous Great War, better known as the War of Wrath.

The Elves and the Valar aren’t alone in this fight, though. Remember those first few tribes of Men who met the Elves and worked with them in the beginning? Well, they band together with the Elves and now the Valar, and they hope to avenge their fallen forefathers, like Hurin, Huor, Barahir, Baragund, Galdor, and Gundor.

Surely Morogth is taken completely unawares but not by surprise. For years, he has been amassing his own troops. He even recruits the Men who didn’t join the Valar (and the Elves never forget this move). However, against a group of angry Elves, Men, and the Valar, they don’t even stand a chance. Before long, his first line of defense is decimated, including his Balrogs. Only a few survive by finding deep, dark holes and burrowing away, not to be seen again until The Fellowship of the Ring.

In the face of this defeat, Morgoth is terrified. He’s been able to beat back his enemies before, but it’s starting to look hopeless. In one last desperate move, he sends out the deus ex machina of his side: the dragons. If Glaurung seemed bad, he is nothing compared to these monsters.

Overwhelmed, the Valar and their armies fall back to regroup. They will need something more powerful to defeat these foes.

Next week, another deus ex machina shows up, and it’s not one Morgoth wants to see…


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